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22, Not In Love

by Jennifer Rae

Jennifer Rae's first single is available for streaming on all digital platforms. "This song is extraordinarily important to me because it is about uncertainty and self-reflection. It is about not knowing who you are and learning to accept that. The only thing I felt I was sure of was that I wasn't in love. As college came to a close, I felt like I needed to have more figured out. But writing this songs helped me reassure myself that my life is just beginning, there is time, and I don't have to have everything figured out just yet. I believe songs by women about identity are crucial. There is so much pressure for us to be everything, but we are only human." This song was written, recorded, produced, mixed, mastered and distributed by an ALL FEMALE team. written, performed and recorded by Jennifer Rae Selected background vocals by Alex Noelle Mixed by Mackenzie Spear Mastered by Kate Haldrup Directed by Hannah Polk Edited by Zayne Parmiter Special Thanks to Zayne Parmiter, Hannah Polk and Alex Noelle

  • 4:03
    Jennifer Rae